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Friday, 20 January 2012

Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World

Top 10 Most Richest Soccer Clubs In The World
10. AC Milan – € 196.5 million
 Milan fell three-level position after playing a disappointing 2008/09 season. Instead Rossoneri failed to qualify for the Champions League and even take part in the UEFA Cup. As a result, Milan lost € 26 million of potential revenues from broadcasting rights. Although the ticket and commercial income increases, Milan did not quite cover the amount.
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
9. Inter Milan – € 196.5 million
The Italian champions Revenue increased 14 percent or € 23.6 million worth of the total last season. For two seasons, Inter dominated the domestic competition and also Manjadi champion Italy in the Champions League this season.
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
8. Juventus – € 203.2 million
The first season Juventus in the Champions League since 2005/06 encourage increased revenue of € 35.7 million, or 21 percent. However, revenue from ticket sectors are still the lowest of 20 other big clubs. If Juventus want to increase revenue, they must pay attention to the number of spectators.
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
7. Liverpool – € 217 million
Liverpool’s finishing position in the second Premier League standings last season to make their earnings in the sector increased broadcast rights. However, Liverpool is still the fourth richest British club in the list. Left out of the Champions League quarter-finals Liverpool also create stagnant revenues.
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
6. Chelsea – € 242.3 million
Instability in the position of manager makes the achievement Blues slipped to third on the Premier League standings last season. Chelsea is able to treat it successfully won the FA Cup trophy. In the sector of revenue, for the first time Chelsea knocked out of the top five since 2002/03. however chelsea always get a lot of funding from the club owners.
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
5. Arsenal – € 263 million
 Arsenal returned to the position of the top five after one year absence. CEO Ivan Gazidis was determined to create an independent financial condition by filling 60 400 Emirates stadium bleachers. Arsenal managed to increase revenues from the commercial sector up to € 56.5 million.
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
4. Bayern Munich – € 289.5 million
Bayern revenues declined two percent, but still managed to occupy the position of the four big list. Bayern failed to win Bundeslia last season, although still capable of qualifying for the Champions League. The last factor that led Bayern to secure revenues from broadcasting rights sector.
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
3. Manchester United – € 327 million
British champion last year it must give up the position of the two lists to Barcelona, a huge success last season. Commercial revenues sector, tickets, broadcasting rights and United rose. Still, not enough to maintain the runner-up chair Money League
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
2. Barcelona – € 365.9 million
 Barcelona deserved to get this position thanks to the glories of last season. Financially, Barcelona revenues also increased 18 percent. Sterling-euro exchange rate compared to making a successful leap ratings Barcelona Manchester United this season.
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
 1. Real Madrid – € 401.1 million 
Madrid managed to maintain the Money League top position with not much difficulty. Madrid successfully posted the largest revenues in their history by € 400 million through the boundary. Madrid may fail to excel in the field, but they can boast of success in the financial sector. Mediapro plus contracts with other parties guarantee the club’s revenue more than € 1.1 billion over seven years until 2013/14.
Top 10 Soccer Clubs In The World
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